Telangana police chopped off the cinematic Kathi Mahesh made controversial comments on the Hindu god Rama. The city’s police have been banned for 6 months on the Kathi Mahesh of the victims. With the latest decision, the sword of Mahesh is not able to enter Hyderabad for six months. In the orders of the court, he would be eligible for a three-year prison sentence if he tried to enter the city during the prohibition period.

In recent times, Kaththi Mahesh has been criticized by Jansena’s chief Pawan Kalyan for criticizing many film heroes. In this order he has been interfering with every aspect of his own, making criticism in his own style. His remarks on the latest Rama has become a controversy and eventually led to the expulsion of the city.

In this context, DGP Mahender Reddy said that Kathi Mahesh had taken steps to mitigate the sentiments of Hindus. He took him from Hyderabad and arranged to leave him in Chittoor district of his hometown. In the six months, the sword of Mahesh is going to come to Hyderabad it will be criminal.

He said he would be eligible for a three-year jail term if entering into Hyderabad without police permission. DGP Mahender Reddy said that anyone from any state can live in Hyderabad but he will not be able to cause tensions in society.

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